Festive yankii relief

After two consecutive political images– not sure which is uglier, politicians buttholes or faces– I thought this blog needed some festive yankiis to balance out the male beauty spectrum.

These guys were selling drinks and street food at the Nichome Rainbow Festival two weeks ago. I love how they combine androgyny (hair clip, check!), damaged hair, towel as scarf, and a touch of punk (lip piercing, check!).

Now we’ve all seen the future of Japan, and can rest more easily!

“Would you hold it against me?”

Another video of active duty soldiers, occupying foreign lands and lip-syncing pop. This time it’s US soldiers in Afghanistan lipping and dancing to Britney Spears. I am relieved to know that military service is not just about killing and violence.

(Previously we featured Israeli and US soldiers doing Keisha and Lady Gaga).