2 shades of tight mint fabric in Jesus good friday salute. Are they filling the baskets for easter?

Thank you, the New York Times, for sharing this photo of the good friday celebration in Malaga, Spain. And thanks to Joe My God by labeling this photo “easter baskets,” which i believe has to do with the tight fit of this lovely 2 shades of mint uniform. I imagine they roared like lions, or maybe brayed like coyotes. One commenter suggests

Muscular men in tight uniforms with protruding bulges parading a naked man in boundage. I say it’s a pride parade.

Feed your flock: chips & soda

And now for some Western spirituality. This video was noted by both Dan Savage and Joe.My.God. Dan taunts, “Bill Donahue! To the Batshit Mobile!” But I am not sure Catholic extremists care about salt-n-soda makers the way they care about the gays.