Sakura music video by Monkey Majik

Glorious Edo-style cherry blossom music video by Canadian/Japanese band Monkey Majik. Catchy tune and amazing music video. Will this be the song of the season?

(Disclosure: I used to hate this band because the foreigners’ Japanese is so much better than mine. Ok, I was jealous. But I *luv* this video).



Via San Francisco and the newly opened New People j-Pop complex, I learned a new word for a male fashion style: kodona. It’s short for kodomo otona (child adult), and can be considered the male version of Gothic Lolita. Also called oji-sama (prince), it’s Victorian-inspired and also French 18th and 19th century. Aficionados of Japanese youth fashion will be aware that kodona blurs into Visual Kei.

My favorite aspect of this “outre” fashion is that while gendered male, it is worn by both girls and boys. More photos here.



類は類をよぶ, or rui wa rui o yobu, means “like attracts like.” The husband recently taught me this expression.

It’s been two months since I started this blog, my first, and I’d like to thank the readers and other bloggers for sharing my interests and teaching me about j-pop, otaku culture, men’s hair and other topics near and dear to me.