Super hot Iranian wrestler was sports hero of the 20th century in his land


Did I mention that Gholamreza Takhti was also very hot?

This photo surfaced recently in the wake of the International Olympics announcement that wrestling would no longer be an official Olympic sport after 2016. Much to the dismay of Turkey, Iran, and Japan. And my  husband.

The interwebs are bringing us together

These nearly naked Venezuelan pro-Ahmadinejad protesters/exhibitionist may seem far afield from Tokyo. But if we’ve learned anything in this time of instant image access, it’s that the potential for moe in our daily lives is increasing in every Twitter/Facebook millisecond.

I wonder who came up with the brilliant idea of placing their hero on their crotches. This loving tribute to the Iranian leader reminds me of the funeral of daddy Assad with a public mourner who had the deceased daddy tattooed on each of his (male) breasts.

I guess if the dicatator were inside you, it would be impossible to exhibit to others. The image also makes me wonder what the view from behind the protesters must look like. Thanks Hooman!

Favorite new ikemen, Darvish Yu

Enough ugliness. I just discovered a hot new idol, Darvish Yu, pitcher for the Nippon Ham Fighters. Wow! Baseball cannot hold my attention for long, but I am swayed by the combo of this Japanese-Iranian ikemen (イケメン) and the most wonderful baseball team name ever.

Maybe this star pitcher can heal the recent competition between Japan and Iran for the 2 year UN Security Council seat.

Go, Nippon Ham Fighters!