My “power spot” Hanazono shrine inspires hair envy



Is it ever big enough? Capturing the moment.

Neon platforms with clashing patterned tights and backpack. I must try harder to look good.

I was impressed with these neon platform shoes, with clashing patterned tights and backpack on the platform of the JR Nakano station. Tokyo fashion inspires me to try harder.

Tatsu Yoshi, Japanese pro-wrestler

Great story about Tatsu Yoshi in the Japan Times: the only Japanese guy in US-based pro-wrestling league. He’s a rare foreigner playing a “good guy” rather than a villain.

I love his enthusiasm and belief that his melodramatic storylines will contribute to US-Japanese friendship. I can imagine other ways for him to accomplish that goal. ^^Ah, well, I imagine he’s inspiring many horny boys with new dreams without taking off his spandex shorts.

The pro-wrestlers will be performing at Tokyo’s (sacred) sumo wrestling hall Kokugikan on August 20 and 21.