Hotness in liberated America

Hotness in liberated America

Dorothy, I think we’re in Camelot!

Not to mix metaphors too much, but arriving in the United States after the election has been startling. A hot First Lady, and a liberation regime! No more torture, anti-family crusading, pro-pollution policies?!

Economic disaster, political corruption and American religious fervor will certainly constrain the new government’s actions. Still, this regime change is dramatic and captivating.

For more info on First Lady Michelle Obama’s stunning inauguration fashion, please click:

Thanks, Ericthefez, for the photo and link for this post. Michelle, you have charmed everyone!

Contact Congress about including LGBT in Obama’s Inaugural parade

Help Secure LGBT Representation in the 2009 Inaugural Parade

If you have a US residence or citizenship, please consider contacting your Congressional Representative and Senators to request LGBT inclusion in Obama’s Inaugural parade. Our friend Davey A created the website, and it’s very simple and important. Please use the site to send your letter this week. And let your friends know, too.

Update: The Obama transition team has announced that an LGBT marching band will appear in the inaugural parade. Thank you to everyone who contacted the parade committee.