Gay couples divided by immigration law

Incredibly emotional video about US citizens in relationships with foreign citizens and the difficulties of staying together. I am amazed at how little awareness many people have about this aspect of marriage inequality. So many liberal people assume US citizens can get married “somewhere.” Yet state marriage does not provide immigration benefits, retirement benefits, health care, property rights, or any other basic legal protection routinely afforded to the non-gays.

I won’t give up my individuality

Mostly the Tokyo Pride Parade was about fun, community, and visibility. There were a few political statements that struck me as especially relevant.

Above these incredibly young kids are posing with a sign saying, “自分らしさをあきらめない” (Jibun rashisa wo akiramenai, which means “I won’t give up my individuality”). Go, kids!

Below, there’s a message linking visas and marriage. I also love the woman with the rainbow umbrella, super colorful dress, and sign that says “God doesn’t bless marriages.” As part of an international couple, I feel the inconvenience of Japan and the US’s lack of immigration rights for gay spouses.