Is Jenny Shimizu the sexiest butch alive?!


Maybe! I had forgotten about one-time Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu, later rumored to have slept with Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Now she’s been connected with NYC’s It Fashion sensation Michelle Harper.

Men, take some pointers from this butch icon!

Construction worker fashion

Yesterday was the 3 month anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. No better time than now to look closely again at one of my favorite Japanese male fashions: gatenki (ガテんキ). As J-son noticed immediately on his first visit, gatenki combine making-stuff masculinity with super baggy pants that are vaguely Yoji Yamamoto in styling.

On weekdays I escape the tedium of rote learning for a balcony break overlooking a construction site for a 20-some story office building. It’s fun to watch the cranes, steel, and heavy equipment, but even more sublime when my break time coincides with theirs.

I feel safer and intrigued by daily sightings of these ninja-like male fashion icons.