Femme hotness in countryside

I realize I don’t show much female fashion in Japan. However, the countryside convinces me that the world may not have sufficient cosmetics for long. Heavy make-up, piles of blond hair, dark tans, ciggies and traditional costume. Wow!

At the event we attended, there was a large group of women wearing traditional outfits with neon blue leg-warmers. Japan, you are the mistress of mix-and-match fashion. I love it!

Even the swan boats in this country town have luscious long lashes!

Gratuitous semi-naked athletes

To celebrate today’s arrival of the Olympic flame in Japan, I am posting this gratuitous image of gold medal breast-stroker Kitajima Kosuke (北島 康介) and his Japanese teammates.

Tibetan rights and China-bashing aside, my dream of Olympic harmony involves admiring Kitajima, known for his speed and his primal screams, and looking forward to this summer’s parade of corporate-sponsored hot athletes.

I prefer “parade” over competition, and hotness over violence. In Kitajima’s words, “‘超気持ちいい,” or “I feel mega good.” How about you?

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