Have a nice flight

Also plenty of beefcake, at Koh-sama’s memorial

masaki_kohmasaki_haveaniceflight masaki2_kohmasaki_haveaniceflight

Did I mention that there was plenty of beefcake at Koh’s memorial? There’s something about drag queens-and-beefcake that speak to an international gay culture: equal doses of beauty, comedy, and lust. I believe this fetching go-go professional is named “Masaki.”


At Koh-sama’s memorial service, hair was flying and panties showing


As I said before, I went to porn superstar Koh Masaki’s memorial service not knowing quite what to expect. Would it be heavy? In fact, hair was flying, panties showing, and humor and comaraderie reigned. I love how this tranny worked the flight attendant outfit, evoking Koh sama’s recent super-sexy Pan Am costume, and the “have a nice flight” theme of the memorial.


Remembering Koh Masaki at “Have a nice flight” memorial service last night


This being my first memorial service in Japan, I wasn’t sure what to expect at the event remembering porn superstar Koh Masaki held last night at Aisotope Lounge. Fortunately, there were plenty of drag queens, go-go boys, and a room packed with fans of his nightclub and video performances. There was a surprisingly large number of women fans.

I’ll be posting some photos from the stage show, which included Koh’s widower Tenten Sky and many performers from “Rush cruise” and Badi.


Koh Masaki sama’s farewell party tomorrow night, Tuesday, at Aisotope. 皆のハグと握りしめた手に救われた。 真崎航 お別れ会

There’s a farewell party, entitled “Have a nice flight!”, for the recently deceased Japanese porn super star Koh Masaki on Tuesday at a Ni Chome club called Aisotope. It’s from 6 pm to midnight, and there’s a 1,000 flower donation entry fee. Here’s the site information in Japanese:

真崎航 お別れ会
Have a nice flight! 〜真崎航 お別れ会〜 【日時】2013年6月4日(火)18時〜24時【会場】@AiSOTOPE_LOUNGE(新宿区新宿2-12-16 セントフォービル1F)【料金】献花の御花代として¥1,000頂戴します。ドリンクは別途お求め下さい。