Are no pants days really over for this year?

My interest in Shinto practice continues to deepen. I love a religion that brings the rice harvest to the city, and instructs men to go pants-less in public. Certainly there are many particularities I am still unfamiliar with.  The repetitive flute and metal percussion music puts me in a trance, and opens me to the possibility that these gods inhabit my neighborhood and are responsible for my daily meals. But ideas and concepts would be nothing without the flagrant masochism and exhibitionism central to the rituals.

It’s like the Catholic Easter passion, but better because of its multiplicity. There is more than one suffering man, and more than one god. If this is pagan, I am unable to resist. I will ask the gods this year to decontaminate the rice harvest.



The husband bought three bulbs and placed them on top of a plate on the balcony a few weeks ago. No dirt, no water. He said they would make saffron. Honestly, I didn’t believe these dry-looking bulbs would do anything. In a matter of two days, they suddenly sprouted and bloomed. We harvested the red stems.

Have you ever seen or tried growing saffron?