Best French Bakery in Tokyo

Boulangerie Le Bois, Best French Bakery in Paris

Japanese love bakeries; unfortunately, most of their breads and pastries are fluffy, over-processed and unsatisfying. My in-laws gave me some bread from a nearby bakery in Nakano called Boulangerie Lebois, and now I am hooked. This is the best French bakery in Tokyo!

The exterior, viewed from Nakano Dori near the Kanda river, is not promising.

Boulangerie Le Bois, Best French Bakery in Paris

However, once you get near, the smell of butter and fresh baking are intoxicating. Inside, it is a treasure of whole wheat bread, butter cookies, quiches, ham sandwiches, bacon twists, creams, custards, and pastries. The only seating are the two benches outside.

Boulangerie Le Bois, best bakery in Tokyo

The friendly chef and staff made me think immediately of the boys love anime and manga Antique Bakery. (Antique Bakery episode one, fansubbed into English; Antique Bakery cosplayed by Bangin; Antique Bakery, the Korean movie version trailer).

Boulangerie Le Bois bakers

Here’s Boulangerie Le Bois’ website: http://www.boulangerielebois.com/

Favorite new ikemen, Darvish Yu

Enough ugliness. I just discovered a hot new idol, Darvish Yu, pitcher for the Nippon Ham Fighters. Wow! Baseball cannot hold my attention for long, but I am swayed by the combo of this Japanese-Iranian ikemen (イケメン) and the most wonderful baseball team name ever.

Maybe this star pitcher can heal the recent competition between Japan and Iran for the 2 year UN Security Council seat.

Go, Nippon Ham Fighters!