John McCain looks crazy!

Lots of weird eye-lash-batting and facial expressions at the last debate. Thanks, Eric-the-fez, for passing this on.

And then there’s the silly gif’s from FunwithMcCain.com. And the SF Halloween display of McCain in a coffin with Palin holding a machine gun. Thanks J-Zee.

Halloween wackiness at Docomo

Japanese love themed holidays. Even Docomo is going nuts over Halloween, with little black-and-orange witches hats on their “doco-take” mushroom mascot.

BTW, we hate Docomo, which insists on stealing at least $500 per person per year for the most basic voice and text message service (let alone i-mode, internet, etc). Thieves! Not so different that cellphones in U.S. I *LOVE* Skype 😉