So you’re bisexual? Only in Japan?

Recently, a young gay guy asks me if I live alone. “No, I live with my husband,” I replied. His English seems fluent, and certainly better than my Japanese.

“So you’re bisexual,” was his response. There was some confusion, as if he wanted me to confirm this deduction. I was confused, and he kept asking the same strange question about being bisexual and whether “she” knows. What is it about having a husband that makes me bisexual? I finally corrected him in Japanese by re-affirming the husband’s male gender.

Maybe “husband” is not widely used here in Japan? I’m not even using the term as a claim about traditional legal rights. After so many years together and being middle-aged, “boyfriend” seems inappropriate and “partner” insufficient.

This story will provide laughs for weeks. So, you’ve been bisexual ever since you married your husband? Think of all the (biological) ladies I could be romancing. Ah, Japan, use your imagination!

Naked guy encourages booze buying at Koenji’s Awa Odori

Just over a week ago, Koenji had its fantastic Awa Odori festival, and I took many photos of participants, food & booze sellers, & other attendees. I’m going to post them over a few posts and a few days.

This barely legal guy literally has the price of beer scrawled across his naked back. I love the very DIY, un-hemmed red fundoshi he’s sporting, and the brazenness of his pitch. Check out below where this customer is juggling his cigarette, man-bag, and wallet to get boozed up as quickly as possible. This is Japan when it’s not working.