Hot Cuban-American gymnast Danell Lleyva is sexting

First rumored to be from Grindr, then “corrected” as plain old sexting, to female admirers. Certainly the poses are not unfamiliar. Hey, didn’t a city council guy resign for something similar, all of one year ago? Glad to know Danell (with two l’s) is 20. Source.

Republican Senator shows but#hole & makes odd excuses

Senator Roberto Arango (R-Puerto Rico) shows off his butt hole & then claims he was simply documenting his weight loss. He’s a former fund raiser for Bush #2, and of course has a long anti-gay political history.

The above photo appeared on a well known gay cruising site called Grindr, and the story seems to have broken on Guanabee, which calls itself “spicy coverage for Latinos.”

Is this NSFW for my readers? Ericthefez assured me that the photo is “still tasteful” because of the mosaic blurring. Seems like he finally lost his job.