“I am Divine” at Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on Monday



Super excited to see this movie about my hometown hero. Growing up in a parochial community in a declining city, Divine was our local movie star: fearless, gorgeous, and indestructible. Though deceased for many years, she remains my north star.

The documentary “I am Divine” will be shown at tomorrow’s Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival at Aoyama Spiral building. Movie starts at 2.10 pm. Here’s some more information:

『I Am Divine 伝説のディヴァイン』。

ボルティモアで太めの虐められっこだったハリス・グレン・ミルステッドくん。母親に連れられて美容室に行くのが大好きだったハリスくん。保守的なボルティ モアは、まだまだゲイだということはカミングアウト出来ない街だった。高校時代にはやくもジョン・ウォーターズと出逢い、低予算の自主映画を撮る様になる。




Gay beach in Chiba offers nudity and fraternity



So I finally made it to the famous gay nudist beach in Chiba. It’s near Namihana station, just north of Onjuku. You really need a friend to show you how to get there since it involves a long walk or short taxi from the station. You start at a lagoon, trek through a lot of mud, pass the “do not enter” sign, through a long wet tunnel, descend with a rope, and watch the cliff edge as you reach the beach.

I had heard all these stories about how sexual and “shocking” the beach was. Actually, it seems very innocent and friendly. Lots of regulars who live in Chiba who were super chatty and spent a lot of time posing for group naked photos. It’s far from Tokyo but gorgeous!


Random men in Shibuya

In keeping with the moe theme of this blog, I would like to end this year with a completely shamelessly, inappropriate and vulgar medley of random Shibuya men. With 10 minutes to spare for a business meeting at Hachiko, I turned my new Canon S90 on the crowd.

The photo above is perhaps the best: the central subject fetishized, the public zipping by, and one woman in the background smiling knowingly towards the lens.

If you asked me what is my favorite Japanese uniform, I would say the mask: ubiquitous, a sign of danger inbound or outbound, of dubious functionality, and quintessentially Japanese. Above this boy rocks his mask with ipod, shaggy orange perm, and the skinny pants tucked inside some girlish boots. I am slayed.

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More Hayami Mokomichi

Hiyami Mokomichi

Thanks to the netizens, I’ve learned some more important background on Hayami Mokomichi. Last year he appeared in Episode 8 of the tv soap Jotei (“Empress”) as the “Number One” host of Gorgeous, a male host club in Kabukicho. His hair is huge, he wears white suits, and plays some critical part in the female-female drama (which I had trouble following).

Other fun Mokomichi facts:

  • his nickname is Mocomoco
  • he’s 24
  • he’s half Filipino
  • he appeared in an ad for Edwin Jeans (check Youtube)
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