Gengoroh Tagame

Endless Game is Gengoroh Tagame’s newest book in English



Congratulations, Japanese gay manga super-star Gengoroh Tagame on your second English language book release. Can’t wait to get a copy!

BTW, only recommended for those who enjoy hard-core BDSM in graphic format! A perfect pervert’s Xmas present.

Incredible Japanese gay BDSM manga now in English, introduced by Chip Kidd and Edmund White

passion_of_gengoroh_tagameI found this incredible treat at Books Inc bookstore in the Castro. Big US gay names, book designer Chip Kidd and author Edmund White, introduce in English the manga of Gengoroh Tagame (田亀 源五郎), who creates cinematographic stories in which muscular and hairy authority figures are subjected to rough sex with lots of sweat and other fluids.

If it’s good enough for Chip Kidd, you might also enjoy it. I love how my copy prominently announced “printed in Canada” even though the publisher is based in Brooklyn, NY. Is this book too hot for Amerika?!