Another silly English language apartment names

Another ridiculous English langauge name for an apartment building, Movements. Previously, I profiled Zesty Minami-Koenji, Decent, and one of my favorites Cram Place. As to Movements, I hope they were thinking of musical elements. Of course, that was not the first thing I thought of.

What’s the funniest Tokyo apartment building name you’ve seen?

“Decent” apartment building

"Decent" apartment building in Tokyo

The English language names of Tokyo apartment buildings are funny. So few have Japanese names. Whether upmarket or downmarket, the names are often so strange. Who can forget “Cram Place“?

This is one of my most recent favorites: the upscale “Park House Decent” building. Have you seen any funny building names in Tokyo?

Male hair in Shibuya

Male hair in Shibuya

Men torturing their hair is one of the sights that always brightens my day in Tokyo. This hair was particularly huge in Shibuya. I caught images of the side and back.

Male hair in Shibuya

Some people have told me that Japanese men who do this to their hair think they look like “lions.” Have you heard other funny explanations for this explosion of male vanity? What do they say these styles look like? And what do you think they look like?