JR sells Aomori dreams

JR is spreading the “moe” with its latest campaign to visit Aomori on its new bullet train (shinkansen) line. I love how they are reaching out to their feminine customers with an offer that their “first Aomori” can be a boy band star in a train uniform. Can he really be all of our “first Aomori”? Does he salute before or after the act? I think demand will be excessive.

40% of BBS 2ch otaku have never dated the opposite sex

Sad, unbelievable, or just funny?! cnnGo’s David Marx relays two recent polls about (heterosexual) dating in Japan. According to a Livedoor article, an online poll found that 28% of men are able to experience a first kiss on the third date. But according to a poll on BBS 2ch, almost 40% of respondents have “never dated or kissed the opposite sex.”

Marx of course talks about the somewhat specialized otaku nature of Japan’s number one most popular online website. Yet while he bemoans this sad state of affairs, left unasked is how many otaku have dated and kissed the same sex. cnnGo, you’ve dropped the ball!

Pre New Year’s Resolution

My resolution for the start of the new decade is to improve my Japanese. The husband suggested keeping a daily diary in a notebook, that bound thing full of paper. Which he will correct later. So we went to Family Mart and bought an adorable 100 yen Muji notebook.

Here’s my first sentence, timed for tomorrow night’s bounenkai with Green Eyed Geisha:


(As preparation for the long anticipated trip to the heart of male vanity, I have been watching Suddenly Last Summer on Youtube. GEG, out of kimono, will be my Liz Taylor. I hope that our elaborately coiffed hosts do not consume me like the cannibals who “devoured” Liz’s cousin. Liz is not only gorgeous, but this role foreshadows her real life career as beard to Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, and Malcolm Forbes. Katherine Hepburn plays the perfectly in denial mother, and Liz truly “chews the drapes.”)