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Can Japan resist allure of K-pop ikemen?!

Shinee (샤이니, pronounced “shiny”) is a Korean boy band that will be making its Japan debut in June, 2011.

There’s always seems to be yet another K-pop boy band whose dancing, fan service, and fashion exceed anything Japan’s Johnny has ever imagined. If it weren’t for the Japanese husband, I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t be studying Korean. Well, in Tokyo, at least we have Shin Okubo to enjoy a bit of Korea without getting on a plane.

Behind the scenes cosplay

Struggle under me: Your body is the collateral for the loan

Last weekend I helped my online moe language teacher, Bangin sensei, with his cosplay for the third time. Unlike the past two times– one in a small park, the other in a cosplay event– this time I would photograph Bangin and his friend Keith doing a Boys Love cosplay.

I love how Bangin originally explained his request by email:
Because this cosplay is BL, I would have to pretend to touch, kiss, or rape(not really of course!)…whatever. My friend is sure about this, so if you can accept it, I would like you to help us.

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Nakata Hidetoshi, Ikemen Alert!

Nakata Hidetoshi, Ikemen Alert!

Has this blog lacked photos of ikemen recently? I’ve become very obsessed with Nakata Hidetoshi (中田 英寿), former soccer star and now the face of TBC Men’s “Human Beauty” campaign. Do you think heaps of their product can make ordinary men look that good? I wonder . .

The TV ad is super-dreamy:

Sorry I can’t embed it into this blog, but worth clicking. Also, this earlier Shiseido ad:

Which ikemen are distracting you?

Anna Miller’s (アンナミラーズ, Anna Mirāzu), a Pennsylvania Dutch treat in Japan

At the risk of pandering to hetero and lesbian desires, I have to post briefly about Anna Miller’s, whose existence I discovered in researching the post below about fan service.

Anna Miller’s is a restaurant chain opened in Hawaii in 1973 that has mostly expanded in Japan. It specializes in pies and cheesecakes, with an emphasis on Pennsylvania Dutch flavor. The official web sites look wholesome enough (in English, in 日本語).

According to Wikipedia, Anna Miller’s has also enchanted Japanese otaku (おたく), or nerds, many centered on Nakano Broadway in our neighborhood. The above image reflects a fetishcized image of the Pennsylvania Dutch waitress in “a white blouse; an orange or pink miniskirted jumper-style dress, with the waistline cut underneath the breasts; a matching apron; and a heart-shaped name tag.”

There’s an awesome American anime-fan’s photo story of his visit to an AM in Tokyo. Worth checking out!

In all those years Shu worked at Penn State, I never imagined this possible fantasy. Below is the slightly more wholesome image from the restaurant web site.

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