Hot cop is protecting Emperor, and all of his subjects


For those unmoved by emperors and princesses, one of the most re-assuring and pleasurable sites at the Emperor’s address on January 2 of each year is the extravagant display of uniformed protection. With his yellow analog megaphone, white gloves, and pillowy lips, this policeman is welcome to tell me what to do.

Male hosts sharing yakisoba at Hanazono shrine festival

This is one of my favorite photos. I love these extravagantly tranny styled yet unquestionably straight male hosts. I wish I spent half as much time on my appearance, and got to hang out with matching co-workers. And I need to learn how to give the peace sign while holding chopsticks. I must get a big “men’s” wig this summer.


A calendar of chocolate

A calendar of chocolate

My sister-in-law Y. visited last week at midnite, while I was sleeping. Like the husband, she’s a night owl. To celebrate my ceramics show starting this Friday, she left an extravagant chocolate calendar.

Two large boxes with two chocolates for each day of November and December, and six medium boxes for each day of the show. Daily flavors include pistachio, nuts praline, creamy cheese, peru/hi-milk, madagascar & indonesia java semi-sweet, cameroon & venezuela chuao milk.

It’s so delicious and very extravagant. It’s from the 100% Chocolate Cafe in Ginza. I want to take Y. there as a thank-you-excursion.