Handkerchief Prince Saito Yuki is worth a stare

Of course I have no interest in watching sports. Athletes, on the other hand, are a perfect invitation for gazing and dreaming. Recently I learned about this famous Nippon Ham Fighters pitcher, a former Waseda high school and college star who has been nicknamed the handkerchief prince. Apparently he sweats a lot, and needs to frequently mop up.

These random photos attest to his professional achievements and gaze-worthy presence. I am not sure why these semi-naked photos are online, although I think wearing only lycra fluorescent underwear makes acupuncture more effective.

Who are your favorite athletes? Which university has the best men’s hair and fashion? Is any sports team better named than Nippon Ham Fighters?


JR sells Aomori dreams

JR is spreading the “moe” with its latest campaign to visit Aomori on its new bullet train (shinkansen) line. I love how they are reaching out to their feminine customers with an offer that their “first Aomori” can be a boy band star in a train uniform. Can he really be all of our “first Aomori”? Does he salute before or after the act? I think demand will be excessive.

Super Junior: fashion and dance princes

OMG. More. My high school friend, now in Taiwan, just introduced me to Super Junior, the world’s largest boy band. Created in Korea, with one lucky Chinese member, they are 13 pre-fabricated boys with complex hair and choreography, and some awesome fashion choices.

The sheer quantity of boys makes focusing on any particular one impossible. More than a simple “something for everyone,” which a 5 person boy band can amply accomplish, this 13 boy team is both a producer/management company dream and a visual overload. I can only imagine the enormity of the wardrobe and hair department.