Emeritus Pope Bennie will continue to live with Gorgeous George


Would Archbishop Georg Ganswein, Benedict’s longtime confidante and personal secretary, look so pretty in a sack cloth? Fortunately, we’ll never know. Glad to see that newly retired emeritus pope B will continue to live with his Vatican “friend,” who will also be head of the new pope’s “household.” This makes for a great costume drama.

Stanford grad becomes Korean rapper undermined by jealous rellies?

Jealous and anonymous rumors circulated that Korean rapper Tablo faked his Stanford credentials, leading to much drama for this adorable singer. I love how this video merges rap with emo whining and boy band preening. There’s definitely a young gay undertone, and as one NPR commenter shrewdly observed, it’s amazing that the cars get so close and don’t dirty the outfits or make-up.

I guess that’s called “special effects.” Mostly, I’m surprised that there’s such sexy graduates of that geeky and fashion-challenged university.

Lady Gaga: “Judas is the demon I cling to”

Wow! Lady Gaga creates video drama like no one since Madonna. I love how in the new Judas video she imagines herself as the Jesus leader of an LA bike gang. Big hair, leather, skin, and of course lots of dancing. Her hunky Judas, wearing a crown, is clearly irresistible. Given the ever increasing militarism in the US, it’s lovely to see her whip out a gold gun armed with lipstick. I feel the passion!

NHK’s new cougar drama: Second Virgin

Yikes! I watched episode 2 of “Second Virgin,” one of the most atrociously named J-dramas ever. It’s on Tuesday evenings at 10 pm. Here’s the plot summary:

Suzuki plays a divorced producer in publishing who meets a man 17 years younger than her (Hasegawa) and begins having an affair with him. Fukada plays Hasegawa’s wife.

NHK has announced the broadcast of a drama series titled “Second Virgin,” starring  Suzuki Kyoka (42) and Fukada Kyoko (27). Actor Hasegawa Hiroki (33) will play the male lead.

The series will air on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm, beginning on October 12. It has also been announced that the theme song will be Kumi Koda’s

“Anata Dake ga,” which goes on sale as a double A-side single with “Suki de, Suki de, Suki de” on September 22.

I was hoping a new J-drama would be good Japanese practice, but this soap is really sad. Maybe I was disappointed that the “younger” man is not particularly attractive. Is that to make the female lead look foxier?

Has anyone else seen this drama? I also wonder, thinking ahead, what is the next generation of cougar, a GILF? Lastly, does anyone else agree with the hubb and I that singer Kudo Kumi looks like a tranny?!

Ryoma pushes apartments in Nakano

I had to laugh at this blatant copyright infringement by a local realtor who is using Fukuyama Masaharo’s NHK historical mega-drama Ryoma character to advertise apartments in Nakano. The incongruity of this late Edo character selling very ordinary apartments in the present time is funny. And it’s a rare instance of super-blatant copyright infringement.

Much of Japan is divided between love for its two main idols: Fukuyama versus Kimutaku. These two guys have dominated male stardom for over a decade. Personally I find Fukuyama more cheesie and less believable than the ever fashionable Kimutaka. On the other hand, the husband is completely engrossed by the Ryoma drama.

Do you have a preference between Fukuyama and Kimutaka? Other favorite male idols? Please feel feel to link to your favorite images, commercials, etc.

Sumo fun

Sumo fun, Hakuho

My first sumo was lots of fun. We had a good view of the big boys, including top player Hakuho, seen here flipping his opponent. Lots of butt cheek, aggression, ritual, cheering, and drama. I was surprised to see such a variety of attendees, including foreigners, old ladies, business men, mob-looking types and their girlfriends, and school children.

Many of the star sumo players are foreign, including Mongolian Hakuho and Bulgarian Kotooshu. They are surprisingly flexible, and able to withstand lots of flipping, falling, and even crashing off the stage into the crowd.

Sumo fun

木村 拓哉の良いドラマがもっとありますか

木村 拓哉と北大路欣也の華麗なる一族

華麗なる一族をもう見終わりました。このドラマは予想のつけやすい、下手な演技、けれど木村 拓哉と北大路欣也のドラマがたのしかったんです。衣装や国家主義の表現が面白かった。たぶん、きたおうじきんやの顔の手術が彼の顔を動かなくしたみたいです。

Changeのファンサブを待ています。きむたくの最新ドラマです。 だれか、きむたくや北大路欣也やの面白いドラマを知ってますか?

More Kimutaku recommendations?

Too fast I finished watching Karei naru Ichizoko. The show was predictable, the acting poor, but I enjoyed watching the drama between Kimutaku & Kitaoji Kinya. Costumes and nationalist expression were also interesting. Probably Kitaoji’s surgery is limiting his facial expressions.

I am waiting for the fansubbing of Change, Kimutaka’s latest tv drama. Can anyone suggest other good Kimutaku or Kitauji Kinya dramas?