Can this tool still become the next mayor of New York City?



The latest image of Weiner’s junk makes the old one, covered in cotton underwear, seem positively modest. Carlos Danger has every right to continue to enjoy himself online, but enough with the politics, ok? Thanks to both the Daily Show and Colbert Report for sharing this image that can no longer be unseen. And thanks, Dirty!

Kitanachelin, or Dirty Michelin, ramen meal in upscale Shibuya suburb

Have you heard about this Japanese TV program, called “Kitanachelin”?! It’s a program that showcases neighborhood restaurants that have great food and are dirty looking. The title combines the word “kitainai” or dirty with an abbreviated version of Michelin, as in the guide to fine dining.

We stumbled into this ramen shop in Sangenjaya using Tabelog. Only when we had ordered did I recognize the proud trophy on the counter. I wonder when they won the coveted prize: the food was OK but not great, and the place merely untidy rather than over-the-top filthy.

Gyaruo blog & more

One of my absolute favorite Japanese blogs is Love Hotel Japan, which is one filthy story after the next about a Swedish young woman who enjoys lots of Japanese men and tells!

This week she reveals more details than most people would need to know about her new gyaruo boyfriend: a  guy who wears heavy foundation & eyebrow pencil, spends an hour and a half flat-ironing his hair, and enjoys wearing pink Panther undies, blowing bubbles inside the love hotel room, and using pink egg vibrators on himself.

The detail is stunning and over-the-top. As a bonus, she provides a link to a gyaruo blog (not her boyfriend’s).

Narimiya Hiroki

Narimiya Hiroki

Is life circular or just my own depraved mind? An interesting discussion on Bangin sensei’s brilliant website about the difference between gay and Boys Love (BL) male ideals. On the one hand there are yakuza and gay terms aniki and gachimuchi (兄貴/ガチムチ), a butch-er, often mustachioed and muscle image. It can be summed up as ikanimo-kei (イカニモ系). On the other hand, there is the yaoi dream of androgynous beautiful boys, yaoi taikei (ヤオイ体型), who often do not appeal to gay taste.

Somehow the discussion led to young actor and singer Narimiya Hiroki, and then, despite the often lack of celebrity online photos, this deliriously dirty image above from his photo book Milk. OMG! And then, the husband reminded me that he is the star of the movie I want to see on DVD, Lala Pipo. It’s based on Okuda Hideo’s hilarious book (available in English translation, too).

Has anyone seen Lala Pipo? Does anyone have any intimate details about Narimiya Hiorki?


I realize that I have not yet devoted a post to the Yankii, who serve as the mascots for this blog by appearing in the header photo. Yankii are young women who could be called the female equivalent of the big-haired, rocker-femme-glam guys called o-nii-kei (big brother style).

Yankii (always women) have huge hair, often blond and very intricate, deep tans, sparkly nails, short skirt, and towering heels. They are at once ultra-feminine, rebellious, lower class, punk rock, and attention grabbers.

Like o-nii-kei, yankii, too, take a peculiar idea of “American” fashion (see also Ame-kaji) to places rarely seen in the U.S. They recall Baltimore’s Divine from the 1970s, adult movie stars, and anime/manga characters.

I took the header photo at the top of each blog page during my first week Tokyo this spring, outside Nakano’s Sun Plaza. Apparently these young ladies have just left some sort of graduation ceremony and are showing off their diplomas. Omedetoo, or congratulations! Along with otaku (anime/manga nerds), they are a minor but highly visible presence in our Nakano neighborhood.

Clearly, my gaze is focused more heavily on male fashion. Still, their dramatic spectacle and the naming of Yankii for my putative country fascinate me, too. If any reader has more information, references, links, etc, please send them in!

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