Nice Metro outfit!

I love how coordinated but un-matching this outfit is. The eyeglass white detail matches the shoes’ soles, the shorts and sweater different patterns in same color, and the pop of color from the Mac. Nice Metro outfit!


Fly higH

Nothing like rushing for an early morning train, and lighting up with some inspiring if nonsensical Japanese English. This guy’s t-shirt reads, “Fly higH. We look different. But we feel the same. We have a power.” Indeed, we do!

Why do Japanese love rainbows?

Japanese love rainbows! I made this rice bowl for the husband’s sister, and gave it the rainbow treatment because I heard she likes them.

Except perhaps for small town Christian children in the lost part of Amerika, every Amerikan associates rainbows with gays. Not in Japan. Just like men’s plucked eybrows, back-combed hair, outre fashion, and overall vanity, rainbows are not marked as other, different, or marginal.

Why do Japanese love rainbows?

Here’s the backside of the rice bowl.

This is one of my first pottery wheel ceramics. The only reason it looks mostly symmetrical is that my teacher/father-in-law helped me a lot!