Police pair outside Bluebird hair salon

Even crazy hail does not deter me from a Tokyo anti-nuke demo. Over the next week, I’ll be posting my bonus entertainment from the serious energy issues: admiring a wide variety of uniformed police. There must have been hundreds of uniformed officers on duty, doing nothing.

My favorite of all was this synchronized pair, securing the Bluebird hair salon with the power of their ear pieces. It must be nice to work with a buddy.

What’s with sticking your tongue out?

Is this a universal male signal? Walking down the street, I am always surprised, and yes a bit intrigued, to see men with their tongues out. I’ve seen men do this in almost every country and city. It is clearly *very* moe.

This photo comes from a Tokyo anti-nuke demo, and I am not sure if the tongue came out because he noticed me taking a photo. Or perhaps the tongue is aimed at someone else?

In any case, demos are great for people-watching and photo-taking. What do you think about male tongue action in public? Have you ever seen a woman do this?

Much moe at anti-nuclear demo in Koenji

Yesterday’s anti-nuclear demo (原発やめるデモ) in Koenji far exceeded my expectations. About 15,000 marched through the streets from Koenji to Omekaido Douri seeking the end of nuclear power. There were also young men on stilts and silver foil outfits, shirtless punk rockers with tattoos and huge hair, a seemingly random boy band in matching yellow track suits and geometric hair styles. All in all, it was very earnest and carnival-like. It made me feel better about my neighbors and Tokyo’s future.