Celebratory drunken youth on snowy Seijin no hi at Nakano Sun Plaza


I vote for Team Delinquent. Now that the film has been developed, there will be many days of male yankii glory. So much pomp, excitement, make-up, skin color innovation, and camaraderie.

Of the many cliques celebrating their 20th years of life, including the wanna-be hosts, wanna-be salarymen, and yankii ladies, it’s the delinquent boys who seem so welcoming to this teetotaling, foreign pervert. I heard a few ladies snickering in jealousy, but I focused instead on male beauty, pride, and friendship.

Surfers mark start of beach series

No matter where you are in the world, there’s the allure of surfers. My favorite view of them, of course, is in the parking lot. This photo’s wall is suggestive for what is shows and what it conceals.

This is the start of my beach series, with photos of tattoos, lifeguards, and strange male behavior featured from the shores of Kanagawa to Chiba. Japan is at its freest and most delinquent at the beach.

Juvenile delinquent, the lifestyle

The husband derides Shibuya as the playground for “horny teenagers from Saitama,” a place where suburban kids pretend to be urban. I love how this clothing store turns juvenile delinquency into a desirable lifestyle that can be purchased and flaunted.