All dead Mormons are gay. It’s easier than you think

Mormons are famous for converting dead people, including Holocaust victims. Now you can convert dead Mormons into gays at AllDeadMormonsAreNowGay. I thought it would be difficult since I don’t have a list of dead Mormons, but the simple UI even helps you Choose-A-Mormon. Thanks to Ericthefez for encouraging my visit and historic betterment.

Cop thinks he OD’d on pot and calls 911

OMG. This video contains the audio record of a 911 call *from* a cop who confiscated pot, made brownies, and then thinks he OD’d. Some choice quotes include, “I think we’re dead, I really do,” and “Time is going by really, really, really slow.”

The video also includes super snarky comments from the poster, and identifies the cop as Officer Edward Sanchez, Dearborn Michigan.

Making Ojizō-samas

Making Ojizō-samas

I took my friend Barry to the ceramic studio, and he wanted to make ojizō-samas. You can see the three that we made, plus the one that the sensei created. Mine is on the right. Ojizō-samas, related to the Kṣitigarbha bodhisattva, is a guardian of dead children, of souls in the underworld, of travelers, and of firefighters. He is often seen wearing cloth bibs and children’s clothing. What should mine wear?

Japan’s Election

Koizumi Shinjiro

Call me shallow, which my husband often does, but I was disappointed that Japan’s new Prime Minister Hatoyama, who defeated the long ruling LDP in a landslide yesterday, has the looks and charisma of a dead fish. So of course I was thrilled that the TV news coverage included endless coverage of former PM Koizumi’s attractive TV star son who managed to inherit daddy’s seat in a rare LDP and father-son win.

My favorite part of the coverage was when the expertly coiffed son teared up at a campaign press conference. This clip was on constant rotation last night. The boy knows how to act! If anyone can find the Youtube clip, I would be thrilled to post it. Here’s a small still:

Koizumi Shinjiro tear

Shinjiro, can you become the John-John Kennedy of Japan?

I also savored the grumpy old men who lost and complained that they were defeated by “assassin” female candidates who “stole” votes because they were young and pretty. Although I doubt the new party will change much, if anything, it was satisfying to see the old guard lamenting their lack of appeal.

Here’s one English language video clip about Koizumi Shinjiro and daddy-son politics in Japan.

Summer obon festival

Summer obon festival Dog Yukata

The rainy season is officially over, and two nights ago we went to an Obon Festival in Tsukudajima. Summer is a time for wearing yukatas, which are light cotton, simpler kimonos. This dog’s yukata has a dragonfly pattern, and a big red belt.

The festival also features lanterns strung across the street, a senior citizen beating a huge drum, another singing on the loud speaker, and a third leading school children in a dance of twirling and clapping.

Obon in Tsukudajima Obon in Tsukudajima with kids dancing

And an altar for prayers to the dead.

Obon Tsukudajima altar

Afterwards we went with our friend Claudia for okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake, and soba noodles, admired the many yankii boys with their small children, and left the restaurant too late to buy a flavored shaved ice on the street.