Danny Choo

That’s how the KFC becomes finger licking good

Christmas in Japan means fried chicken, strawberry shortcake, and hotel sex. Famed (non-gay) blogger Danny Choo posted this photo, with the headline, “A guy queuing up at KFC in front of me. Is this where “Finger Lickin Good” comes from?”

Festive, isn’t it?

Huggable body pillow has many uses

Most people interested in Japan and otaku know Danny Choo, professional British geek blogger and friendly pervert. He has a bizarre photo spread on “dakimakura,” huggable body pillows. And shows there many uses as breakfast companion, driving companion, Wii competitor, and toilet seat warmer. Very strange and very NSFW!

Tokyo’s Danny Choo Brings Dance Tooper to Singapore

Tokyo based Danny Choo, global otaku extraordinaire, brings his Dance Trooper to Singapore. The little island will never be the same. Two notable parts of this amazing dance video: wiping the sweat from his helmet, and the prominent crotch. If such flamboyant male heterosexuality spreads, world peace will surely follow.