Why, Why Manti?

This auto-tune masterpiece is currently my favorite song. I love the desperation of Katie Couric to generate attention, Manti’s childishness, and his dad’s rhyming bass. Pure genius.

Hot young Japanese dad from the early 1930s

The story about cooking expert Yoshiko Tatsumi was certainly not about this, but I couldn’t help noticing how hot her “pre-war construction industry executive” daddy was in the early 1930s. Why don’t today’s men look to that fine example of manhood?

Young dad with chipmunk hat catches my attention

I have a small fetish for young dads. There’s something about watching them care for their toddlers and young children that adds a certain sexiness. (Same for the hot children’s swim instructors at the pool I swim at). Dads in Japan can be very young. Please don’t call me gramps yet, but clearly this festish is inter-generational. I love the infantalizing gesture of this young countryside dad with his chipmunk hat attached to his belt. Sweet!