Indiana senator hooks up with 20 year old guy from Craigslist

Gleaming wedding ring notwithstanding, are all Republican senators gay unless proven otherwise. Phillip Hinkle, an Indian Republican state senator, met a 20 year old guy on Craigslist, and committed some form of sexual assault. Bravo to the victim’s older sister who defended him. (Thanks Christophe in Paris for keeping us up to date).

Name this plant

Sayonara sale plant

Does anyone know the name of this plant? I thought it looked so good that at first I thought it was plastic. As much as I love gardening, I am slow at learning the names of plants. .

The plant was a free gift with purchase from my second sayonara sale. Basically, foreigners in Japan who are leaving try to unload their stuff on English-language websites. I went to buy our first flat screen HD TV (only $300), and also left with this gorgeous plant, a humidifier for the husband, and a bike pump.

Because it’s costly to dispose of garbage, sayonara sales feature deeply discounted items and often free stuff. True recycling. Thanks, Brit guy in the neighborhood, and good luck with your next adventure!

Muji rice cooker, from “sayonara” sale

Thanks to Davie-san and Craigslist Tokyo, I just picked up a lighly used, second hand Muji rice cooker. It’s the first appliance for our new apartment. Move-in date is Sept 27.

Davie-san tipped me off to “sayonara” sales by x-pats leaving Japan as a source of good deals. And Craigslist made the recycle love possible. Pretty high fashion, no?