Countryside fashion blows my mind

Yes, this is a blog about Nakano and Tokyo, and mostly I am observing fashion in the city. A recent weekend trip to a famous country town, however, was eye-opening.

I am fascinating both by these traditional outfits and the extreme yankii fashions that rival anything I have seen in Shibuya. The Japanese countryside is a rich source of inspiration.

This is the first in a series of posts. Stay tuned for more.

Exile performs for Emperor’s anniversary

Update: The performance is already on YouTube. It begins with an absurd dance routine and ends with a long, chorus-less song in tribute to the “country of the sun.” Best part is that, in honor of the Emperor and Empress, all 14 members forsook their trademark sunglasses.

I think the average host or country yankii looks better than these 14 guys. What do you think?


Exile performs for anniversary

Today Japanese hip hop dance band EXILE will perform in the official celebration of the Emperor’s 20th anniversary of assuming the throne. 天皇陛下、おめでとうございます。