Computer head moe mixes virtual and real

Masks are always moe. Using a computer monitor as mask takes this fetish costume to a new, of-the-times level merging the virtual and the real. When the guy spoke, his voice was distorted with some special effect. Somehow the rolled up over-alls add a layer of physical realness to this mystery man.

Home security guard (自宅警備員)

My “chotto hen” (sort of strange) sensei Bangin taught me a useful word for someone who stays home too much glued to the internet: Home Security Guard (自宅警備員, jitaku keibi’in). Most of my classmates at the ceramic studio hadn’t heard it before.

自宅警備員 is a replacement for NEET (not in education, employment or training) and the older phrase, 引きこもり(hikikomori), recluses who never leave their rooms. As Bangin explains, a home security guard mostly guards the computer screen, and has less responsibilities than a “home-maker.”

I guess I am a part-time 自宅警備員.