Omikoshi in Ni-chome

I will end this 3 part series on the Shinjuku omatsuri with this image of an omikoshi (portable shrine) being marched through Ni-chome. It was a fun crowd, part gay, part old-timer, part gay old-timer! I love how this ordinary street is transformed by mystical spirits and a sense of community and common purpose.

Just to keep on topic with Tokyo Moe, there was one ikemen photo I captured of the shrine. The husband saw the photo, and said, “he’s handsome.” Dunhh! I know!

Hair community forum

I love how hair-obsessed Tokyo is. The number of hair stylists probably exceeds the total population of most cities. This sign in upscale Yoyogi Uehara cracks me up. Is a “hair community forum” the same as a 12 step program for perm-addicts? Or a self-improvement program delivered through group therapy?