Make-up lessons for job interviews

Major manufacturer Kao is providing mass lessons to young women who are seeking post-college jobs. Is make-up about “expressing your personality,” displaying “your intellect or enthusiasm,” or maing “a good impression on a job interviewer who is about your father’s age”? One girl learned to take off her false eyelashes and thick eyeliner to land a job. Reading this “news story” is like some weird pre-feminist Time Warp.

Boys in training

At a Tokyo university that shall not be named, I was startled by, and drawn to, loud male shouting. Imagine my glee at discovering these college students simultaneously pushing each other into stretching poses and shouting at full volume. I have no idea what they were saying, but the camaraderie and aggression made a sublime pairing. Later, I spotted them running around the campus carrying 2 liter plastic bottles full of water. Their faces mixed determination with exhaustion. This was *very* moe.

Back to School: Active Shooter Survival Tips

Lafayette College's Active Shooter Survival Tips

It’s back to school time. In the United States, that includes the opportunity to read your college’s Active Shooter Survival Tips. No kidding. At Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, with a “U Can” slogan, there is a web page detailing survival tips and “what to expect.”

Obviously my favorite survival tip is #D: “Hide.” The definition of active shooter is also helpful: “An active shooter is a person who appears to be actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.”

You can read the whole page here. And now you know why college in the US costs $50,000 per year.