I have a weakness for police officers standing on short stools


An inexplicable fetish. And not my first time. And again 3 years ago.

Which reminds me, does anyone want to cheer the Emperor for his birthday? It’s Dec 23, free, and there will be princesses.

Mrs O in regal purple coat while planting cherry tree with shovel. Dreamy!

A full-skirted plum coat for cherry tree planting. Thanks to for continuing to provide updates of Mrs O’s triumph in fashion and good cheer. It’s surprising to see a US First Lady who looks like our generation. But with better posture and clothes ^ ^

Free Bradley Manning. Now more than ever.

This photo from New York’s East Village cheers me up. When will that gay rebel Bradley Manning, the one who downloaded terrabytes of government secrets while pretending to be listening to Lady Gaga, be freed and feted as a hero turned scapegoat? I am glad not everyone has forgotten that he’s being held in harsh detention conditions.

I was feeling a little down with the inevitable discovery of Moammar Gadhafi in the drainage pipe, with the surprise extra of an online snuff film. I have a certain hankering for anti-US despots with long careers and flamboyant outfits. No one, absolutely no one, better embodied the mix of African, Arab and Easy Rider fashion. Moammar, you’ll be missed. RIP!