President needs pants that fit “where my nuts hang… back to my bunghole.”

Unbelievable audio of President Lyndon B Johnson on the phone with his tailor’s son, belching and talking about his nuts and bunghole. Apparently LBJ was concerned about his change and knife falling out of his pocket, and the crotch was cutting into his jewels like a wire fence.

My advice to the current President Obama: stop wearing those god-awful “Mom Jeans.” What’s with hetero men and their fear of showing their butts or crotches. Might as well wear a burka, no?!

(Thanks to EricTheFez for this item).

“Obama visiting Japan as relations stiffen”


Relations stiffen? My morning coffee nearly flew out of my mouth reading the title of this New York Times online article about Obama’s visit to Japan. Normally this blog stays glued to what some might consider the frivolous topic of male vanity in its many many manifestations.

But I could not resist the topic of Japan’s new-found independence in foreign policy after reading this title, with its hautiness and resentment mixed with a “stiffening” attraction. It seems to suggest, “I hate you, and you’re turning me on.”

Apparently the US felt extremely comfortable with the LDP’s nearly 50 years rule and are chafing under new policies brought by current Prime Minister Hatoyama, whose DP won in a landslide last August. Renegotiating what the US calls “the Alliance” may mean Japan no longer accepts military occupation and the assumption that Japan will join each and every US war.

Despite Hatoyama’s clear campaign calls for a more independent Japan, the US government and foreign policy experts claim that the new Japanese government is “inexperienced,” unsure of what it wants, and perhaps not serious about its campaign promises. In fact, I think the US is flipping over Japan’s re-opening Okinawa base discussions, ending the refueling mission in support of the permanent US war effort in Afghanistan, and new overtures to Asia that do not include the US.

There have even been ominous reports of arriving late to a state dinner (the Hatoyamas in Pittsburgh) and skipping a welcome dinner at the Japan Defense Ministry (Robert Gates, US military chief).

It is sad how little change Obama has created. Not so different from Bush’s economic team and his military policies that insist on servile allies and endless foreign wars. But maybe the “stiffening relations” can in the long run reduce some tensions.

On second thought I am not sure this post strayed too far from male vanity. What do you think?

A new First Lady

New First Lady

OMG. What a wonderful dress. Welcome, new First Lady, Michelle Obama. It’s going to be a fierce 4 to 8 years.

Does anyone know who designed the dress? It’s very Mark Rothko, and totally unlike the typical power-suit (see Mrs Biden to her right for an example of that tired look). I am ready for c-h-a-n-g-e.

Laura, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And, Cindy, I hope you can medicate yourself into happiness as a private citizen.

木村 拓哉の良いドラマがもっとありますか

木村 拓哉と北大路欣也の華麗なる一族

華麗なる一族をもう見終わりました。このドラマは予想のつけやすい、下手な演技、けれど木村 拓哉と北大路欣也のドラマがたのしかったんです。衣装や国家主義の表現が面白かった。たぶん、きたおうじきんやの顔の手術が彼の顔を動かなくしたみたいです。

Changeのファンサブを待ています。きむたくの最新ドラマです。 だれか、きむたくや北大路欣也やの面白いドラマを知ってますか?

More Kimutaku recommendations?

Too fast I finished watching Karei naru Ichizoko. The show was predictable, the acting poor, but I enjoyed watching the drama between Kimutaku & Kitaoji Kinya. Costumes and nationalist expression were also interesting. Probably Kitaoji’s surgery is limiting his facial expressions.

I am waiting for the fansubbing of Change, Kimutaka’s latest tv drama. Can anyone suggest other good Kimutaku or Kitauji Kinya dramas?

Change: Preview of Kimutaku’s New TV drama

With Madonna’s “Miles Away” themetrack. The preview is in Japanese, but it’s easy to get the idea: ugly corrupt politicians select super-cute (ちょうかわいい)school teacher Kimutaku (木村 拓哉) with initially bad hair and make him the Prime Minister. Will Kimutaku make me a citizen?!

Even Chinese netizens are getting into the preview hype and excitement!

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