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Cheerful gold promotion, of lesbianism?

These rowers won Britain’s first gold medals. They’re like some super wholesome promotion for lesbianism.

European curry sounds strange, doesn’t it?

I laughed many times seeing curries sold in Japan as “European curry.” What a ridiculous idea, like a Swedish taco. I later learned that this term refers to the original curry in Japan, imported by way of Britain during the Meiji period. You can find it in many nostalgic 1970s style “western” restaurants that are distinctly Japanese, and it’s also evolved into many supermarket take-home mixes and fast food joints. The Muji label makes this comfort food seem somehow modern and new. This one scores just 3 out of 5 chiles, and is beef based.

Brit soldiers lip sync Glee

Don’t they give those boys sunblock?

Cher’s butt

There’s no reason for this photo, but I *love* Cher at the British premiere of Burlesque. Who’s seen the movie? I want to, but I heard there is not enough Cher in the movie. What do you think?