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Asashoryu retires!

Mongolian bad boy sumo wrestler Asashoryu retires. Last month he won his 25th Emperor’s Cup, making him the third most successful wrestler of all time. The reason he retired is because he broke someone’s nose at a nightclub. His given name is Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj.

I’ll miss his corpulent body and bad boy behavior!

Asashoryu triumphs!

Asashoryu triumphs!

I think I fell in love with Asashoryu today. This Mongolian sumo bad boy defeated my previous favorite, sweet Mongolian Hakuho. I even bought a Hakuho towel for my nephew in spring. But now I have fallen for Asashoryu, who is criticized for failing to practice all the time, and for slapping himself silly before matches. His stubble and fat face are somehow enchanting!

Asashoryu v Aminishiki

And last year he upset the Japan Sumo Association by calling for a 10% salary raise, the first since 2001, to cover the rising cost of food staples such as “bread, rice, cooking oil, mayonnaise and beer”.

Who is your favorite sumo wrestler?