Nothing more exquisite than chilling your balls in gutter ice, with an audience

ice_frozen_balls_folsomstreetfairThe Folsom Street Fair, in its 30th incarnation, restored my faith in people. I readily admit to having a minimal spiritual life, and this is a major element. I love to see so much deviance, including fetishes you’ve never heard of.

Have you even seen someone freezing his balls? I love expression on this youth’s face. Of course, there was a wide circle of spontaneous supporters. Thanks, Matt, for lovely photo!

This is perhaps the first time I attended this enormous street fair (NSFW photos here) without smelling barf, or maybe living in Japan desensitized me to that bodily fluid in public.

I’m hoping that the small film developer in the Japanese countryside has already seen everything.


Fan service (ファンサービス) or Fan Sābisu

I came across this delightful maid anime while learning about the term “fan service.” To answer Scott’s question about Nakano maids (“What kind of maids are these”), a question that was not a question for Christophe, I will introduce the term “fan service” here.

Fan service are gratuitous visual elements in anime and manga “that are unnecessary to a storyline, but designed to amuse or sexually excite the audience.” In anime, these include shower scenes and holiday trips that feature bikinis. They can also include costume play (コスプレ kosupure), particularly ones related to traditional Japanese fetish characters, including school girls, cat girl, bunny girl, maid, mako, kimono, race girl, policewoman, and waitresses of the “Anna Miller’s” (アンナミラーズ Anna Mirāzu) type.

In the spirit of fan service, what images will please the readers of this blog? Kosuke was certainly a crowd pleaser. Any suggestions?

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