“I am Divine” at Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on Monday



Super excited to see this movie about my hometown hero. Growing up in a parochial community in a declining city, Divine was our local movie star: fearless, gorgeous, and indestructible. Though deceased for many years, she remains my north star.

The documentary “I am Divine” will be shown at tomorrow’s Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival at Aoyama Spiral building. Movie starts at 2.10 pm. Here’s some more information:

『I Am Divine 伝説のディヴァイン』。

ボルティモアで太めの虐められっこだったハリス・グレン・ミルステッドくん。母親に連れられて美容室に行くのが大好きだったハリスくん。保守的なボルティ モアは、まだまだゲイだということはカミングアウト出来ない街だった。高校時代にはやくもジョン・ウォーターズと出逢い、低予算の自主映画を撮る様になる。


Does someone find this sexy?

I try to ignore most Japanese ladies fashion, particularly any clothes worn by anyone younger than 60. Young girls wearing belts or long shirts instead of skirts, famished waifs, and lollicon (Lollita complex) jailbait are all things I’ve learned to ignore.

This billboard in posh Aoyama made me stop and wonder. Ayumi Hamasaki is a very popular, youngish J-pop singer. Do large numbers of men and dykes enjoy looking at robotic ladies impersonating spooky aliens staring at us from the future?

Hamasaki-san’s “love songs” are all the more uncanny perched above a fading 1960s building with the exotic and upscale name of Aix-en Provence. Like a dying flower, this fantasy mix of future and past reminds that beauty and riches fade fast and leave their temporary marks on our awareness.