Boys Be Ambitious

Happy Boys Day in Japan! It’s odd that there’s a holiday dedicated to boys, and more recently renamed to Childrens Day (although the non-holiday Girls Day is still on March 3 and some claim Gay Day for April 4). I love how rampantly commercial the celebration of maleness can be. Is ambition also something to be bought and traded? I wonder what ambitions boys today have.

Gira Gira, new TV drama

A new evening soap opera is starting this week, Gira Gira. Can’t wait! The lead is one of my favorite soap stars, Kuranosuke Sasaki (佐々木蔵之介), from Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend). The title, Gira Gira (ギラギラ), can be translated as blinding ambition or garish bling. The plot seems to involve a middle-aged family man who enters (or re-enters) the world of male hosts after becoming unemployed. There’s sure to be lots of big-haired young men, seedy politics, and tons of tears.