Tenten Sky also performed and spoke at the memorial


I think it’s super cool that porn superstar Koh Masaki had a Chinese boyfriend. Along with his trip to Songkran in Thailand, his international relationship also marked him as part of a new Japanese generation more interested in Asia.


  1. What did Tenten Sky speak about? I can’t image what this is like for him. I’ve only seen photos online and that Vice video, but it seemed like they were glued at the hip.

  2. I’m curious about why Koh Masaki’s having a Chinese boyfriend is so unusual or distinctive. I only know Japan from movies, novels, and manga, so would it be possible for you to explain? And thanks again for the amazing photos of the memorial service.

    1. After centuries of self-selected isolation, Japan treated its neighbors poorly during its colonial period, and hasn’t really made up with them since the end of World War II. Consequently, most Asian countries are still angry at Japan, and many Japanese are either ignorant, disdainful, or dis-interested in their neighbors. Of course, there are Japanese who are more outward-looking and curious about the world. Koh-sama seems to have had many Thai, Indonesian, and Chinese fans.

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