Décolletage do’s and don’ts

If you are hairier than the average Japanese, it’s easy to feel like a Guantanamo suspect during the advent of décolletage season. I confess to losing track of time and place when confronted by sidewalk skin.

What are the rules about coverage and body hair? It’s a very SATC Carrie question, but one that haunts me. Does anyone find the look above OK?

One comment

  1. Haha!!! As usual you’ve outdone yourself- I LOVE your blog so much!!!

    Okay, so yea, that photo… is unacceptable. Dude should have a little trim. I don’t mind hairy men- I like chest hair, but back and neck? Gah!!! Where did you find that photo anyways? it’s brilliant.

    PS- I live in Tokyo now!!!

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