“Romney is a dangerous homosexualist”

Brooklyn’s rabbi Yehuda Levin rants against Romney for being a “homosexualist.” This is the same NY rabbi who blamed NY gay marriage for the murder of an 8 year old boy. This guy gives religion a bad name.

His first words are super creepy: “May this be a sanctification of the name of god.” Fat chance, creepy dude!


  1. I guess a “homosexualist” is a Mormon, monotheist, or cult leader who opposes marriage equality but is not yet calling for queer exile or death? Welcome, Kathryn, to Amerikan politics and religion. This creepy dude lives in New York City. You can only imagine the varieties of creepy dudes throughout small town Amerika. Was this rabbi on the recent all-male Congressional hearing considering whether women should have access to birth control?

  2. nothing like the crazy religious right to come up with ground-breaking theoretical terms. i actually think i might myself be a “homosexualist.”

    as for the creepy orthodox guy on the birth control panel. that was meier soloveitchik (sp?). he’s clean-shaven and “modern orthodox” ( princeton pHd!) and much more in bed with the conservative christian right.

  3. He lives in Borough Park or Williamsburg or maybe Monsey. Even the two first named are not “New York City” , whether they are or are not geographically.

  4. Having waded through three minutes of this, I thank Ha-Shem that he isn’t going to vote and hope he influences his fellow rabbis and their congregations not to vote.

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