Is anyone else watching Sekaiichi Hatsukoi?

I am starting to watch the series Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. It’s a Boys Love anime about first love by the creator of Junjou Romantica. BL is basically man-on-man (or girlish male adolescent-on-adolescent) romance written by and for women. Oddly, I learned about it from my male cosplay friend, Bangin Sensei. He claims he cosplays BL stories only as “fan service” for his female otaku audience. Really?


  1. I watch this series and also read the manga but imo the anime series is inferior to Junjou Romantica. While there are different couples in JR, too, they’re not jumping around so much like in S1H, changing the couples from episode to episode… frankly speaking: it’s annoying. I also have to add that the anime production and the script of S1H is not as good as JR. You kinda notice that they try to make it as good as JR but still fail.
    As for the actual BL in there… it’s clichéd. Very much so. It’s the iron rule in BL that as good as all male characters are gay, bisexual (with a high tendency to homosexuality) or at least bi-curious, and the author Nakamura Shungiku milks this rule to the max. What’s weird in S1H is that they never explain why the main chara is so against falling in love with the same guy again.
    All in all, JR shines with good comedy (it actually makes fun of itself and the BL genre), great dynamics between the characters and a good script. In contrast, S1H is better for the heart-wrenching drama. If S1H is more to your liking, get the manga, it’s better than the anime 😉

  2. Oh no, you started to follow this anime?
    Thank you very much!

    >He claims he cosplays BL stories only as “fan service” for his female otaku audience. Really?

    Maybe? Hahaha.

  3. @icassop Tottaly agree. Tried to watch S1H, because I liked Junjou so much, but it just never clicked. Sort of more of the same material, but weaker. Also, manga is better for both.

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