Rainbow Festival this Sunday

The Rainbow Festival (レインボー祭り) will be held this Sunday, August 14, from 3.3o to 6 pm in Ni-chome. Last year was fun: lesbian omikoshi, men in fundoshi, and lots of yukata and daytime socializing. Tokyo’s gay district is almost always deserted during the day, so this is a special event. Who’s coming?


  1. hi..im new here in japan, currently residing in yokohama.. i want to go to this festival…. please tell me the nearest train station. what time does it start? i will appreciate you reply. thanks.

    1. It’s easy to get to from Yokohama. Take a train to Shinjuku, and ask for Ni-chome. It’s a 10 minute walk. The official hours are 3.30 to 6 pm. Hope to see you on Sunday!

  2. hey tokyo moe… i managed to find Ni-chome and seen the celebration.. i enjoyed it a lot just walking around and feeling the vibe.. hope u had a good time as well.. thanks again..

    1. Thanks, Orchid, for writing back. I am happy, and more than a little surprised, that this blog provided some useful information for even one person. Glad you came today!

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