Lady Gaga: “Judas is the demon I cling to”

Wow! Lady Gaga creates video drama like no one since Madonna. I love how in the new Judas video she imagines herself as the Jesus leader of an LA bike gang. Big hair, leather, skin, and of course lots of dancing. Her hunky Judas, wearing a crown, is clearly irresistible. Given the ever increasing militarism in the US, it’s lovely to see her whip out a gold gun armed with lipstick. I feel the passion!


  1. Not to be a pedant and months behind or anything, but… Judas famously betrayed Jesus by kissing him (4:24), which was a signal to the Romans who were waiting to arrest and execute him. Lady Gaga is clearly in the role of Mary Magdalene in the video, since she washed Jesus’s feet (which explains what she’s doing at 4:14).

    Just sayin’.

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