Can Japan resist allure of K-pop ikemen?!

Shinee (샤이니, pronounced “shiny”) is a Korean boy band that will be making its Japan debut in June, 2011.

There’s always seems to be yet another K-pop boy band whose dancing, fan service, and fashion exceed anything Japan’s Johnny has ever imagined. If it weren’t for the Japanese husband, I wonder if maybe I shouldn’t be studying Korean. Well, in Tokyo, at least we have Shin Okubo to enjoy a bit of Korea without getting on a plane.


      1. I don’t know who started it…. but then again how could anybody not notice that monster? Granted I am a little pervy but I can’t imagine anybody missing that ‘thing’! lol

  1. The problem of K-Pop singers is that they are too model-like. Johnny’s boys last longer because they are a bit imperfect. You can get bored with too good looking people easily. No?

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