“Would you hold it against me?”

Another video of active duty soldiers, occupying foreign lands and lip-syncing pop. This time it’s US soldiers in Afghanistan lipping and dancing to Britney Spears. I am relieved to know that military service is not just about killing and violence.

(Previously we featured Israeli and US soldiers doing Keisha and Lady Gaga).


  1. Yes, having seen RESTREPO last year in the US, the news of Hetherington’s violent and senseless death saddened me deeply. On the other hand, this “Britney does Helmand” video added a serious bit of levity to an otherwise grey day. Have you seen GUNNER PALACE? I always wonder about the “grunts flipping the system off” videos, like yours here, and in feature-length flix like GP: where does just horsing around become subversive/anti-war? Not in this clip, I fear. Not that thy intended it so, but how are we to understand this? “Kilroy was here” for our generation, rather than FUBAR…

  2. Dan Spencer on Facebook: “Dan Spencer these “viral” videos of servicepersons’ hijinks are the most insidious form of propaganda. i hate. and i hate the pop music that makes it possible. gaga included. (wow! i went OFF!)
    in her endorsement of the video, reportedly, britney tweeted to the service members that she “loves all they do!”

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